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Customizing the Design of Your Garage Door

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Due to the versatility of a garage, which can be used not only as a place to store vehicles, but also as a workshop, storage area or even a living space, this part of a house often becomes an object of interior designers’ creative experiments. It is not uncommon to see garage interior that looks as luxurious and stylish as the other parts of a house. If you have done something great to your garage, you may want to alter the design of its door. Garage door is the first part of the garage that is seen by people outside the house. As an element that determines the aesthetical aspect of the garage’s façade, garage door must look great. You have to use smart designing ideas to modify the design of your garage door.

Best Garage Door Design Ideas

If you want to improve the design of your garage door, here are some great garage door design ideas that you can use.

  1. Using wood or fiberglass as the door’s material

Wood is the most aesthetic material for garage door. It looks natural and its color and texture give the door cool and natural look. If maintained properly, wood garage door will practically last forever. Installing wood garage door is not the cheapest decision, but it is not the most expensive as well. Normally, you pay about $400 to $1000 to design a wood garage door panel, depending on the type of wood you use and how complicated the design of the door is. If wood is too expensive, fiberglass can be a great alternative. It can be made as beautiful as wood and it is maintenance-free as well.

  1. Adding a personal entry/exit door

If the front wall of your garage can accommodate an additional personal entry/exit door, you may want to add it to your garage. It not only makes entering and exiting garage more convenient because you don’t always have to use the large and slowly opening garage door, but also gives the front face of your garage a nicer look.

  1. Using an arc-shaped door instead of the plain rectangle

One of the most common ways to redesign a garage door is by using an arc-shaped door. This door shape will give the façade of your garage elegant and timeless beauty.

  1. Adding lighting that is operated using motion sensor

Everyone loves grand entrance and grand exit. Imagine if all lights on your garage door are automatically turned on and off whenever you exit and enter the garage. Cool, isn’t it? Add motion-sensor lighting to your garage door and you will know how it feels to have your garage welcome you.

All garage door modifications that are mentioned above may require you to hire a professional help. Garage door service in Burnaby, BC, can provide you with reliable help if you want to do any structural modifications to your garage door. It will help you plan the project and execute it according to your projected budget and timeline.

5 Top Roofing Maintenance Practices

Roofing Maintenance Practices

Your home’s roof is one of the most important features of your home. You wouldn’t be able to live comfortably in your home without it. Your roof keeps out the rain, the cold and the heat and anything else undesirable. It’s therefore important to ensure that you keep your roof in a good condition.

Replacing a roof can be very expensive. According to Remodeling magazine, the average cost of replacing a roof is $18,800. If your roof features high-end materials other than shingles, you can expect to spend about $36,000.

Regular maintenance of your roof will keep it in good shape for longer and prolong its life. You will therefore avoid having to replace it and spending a large sum of money prematurely.

Below are the five roofing maintenance practices to keep in mind:

1. Clearing the roof of debris

Be sure to clear your roof of excess debris. This includes leaves, sticks, rocks and any other debris. Debris can cause damage to the shingles or other roofing materials. They can also result in the growth of algae or play host to other rodents and pests.

2. Regular cleaning and inspection of gutters

Gutters help to direct excess water away from the roof. They can get clogged by leaves, sticks and other debris that may have accumulated on the roof. Clogged gutters can result in the overflowing of water that can result in damage to your basement or siding. Clogged gutters can also cause water to accumulate on the roof of your home causing damage to the roof.

The damage to the roof can be worse in areas that experience harsh winters. Roofs can collapse from the weight of the ice formed by the frozen water accumulated on the roof.

Fixing the rotten rafters and other damage to the roof can run to thousands of dollars.  You can avoid this expense by simply ensuring that the gutters are inspected and cleared of debris regularly.

3. Regular checking of flashing

Most roof leaks occur around the flashing. This is the area around the joints that connect the roof to openings such as vents, skylights or chimneys. Ensure these are inspected and repaired as part of your regular maintenance.

4. Trim overhanging branches

Trimming overhanging branches of trees growing near your home is also part of prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Trees can help to prevent your roof from drying too quickly and therefore help to reduce wear and tear. However, tree leaves and twigs can cause damage to roofs when they accumulate on there. Trees can also cause damage to roofs during extreme storms.

5. Regular inspection by roofing professionals

Consider having your roof inspected by professionals regularly. Professionals will notice damage and areas requiring repair that you probably wouldn’t notice. They will help you ensure that you get the repair your roof needs in time to prevent extensive damage that would be more expensive to fix.

Regular roofing maintenance shouldn’t be viewed as an extra cost but as an investment. With regular roof maintenance you will have a house that retains its value over a period of many years.

Best Roof Repair Contractor in Salt Lake City Review

Best Roof Repair Contractor in Salt Lake City Review

Best Roof Repair Contractor in Salt Lake City Review

Have you ever wondered what the most trusted company in Utah is when we are talking about all kinds of roofing plans, systems and treatments? We know the answer, and we are going to review is right now for you to get inspired more. It is called Vertex Roofing. The company is where all your demands of all types of roofing are just some easy missions to accomplish.

Their first product we want to explore is the Commercial Roofing. Just like any other buildings in this world, commercial property also needs best treatments of roofing, starting from the planning, installing to maintaining. We are sure no one wants to experience damages due to lack roofing setting, and so do you. Hence, we recommend you to work with the company as they are the expert in taking care of any model of arrangement for your commercial roofing. Whether it is for schools, cafes, hospitals, shops, and so on, there is no project too big for the company to get done.

Their second product we want to explore is the Residential Roofing. As you know, the roofs above that ought to protect the lives of you and your family members should be concerned about very well. When it comes to your house the roofing should be worked perfectly as it is one of the most essential parts of a living place. Not only to make the building stands from structural point of view, roofs sure have to be able to save you from risky summer and winter. The company, thankfully, collects enormous services to grant any your wish for residential roofing. The service even covers gutters, reparations, maintenances, skylights, and insulations.

Strengthening the point why you must choose this company over others is the package that will please you. Apart from the two basic products we have explained, the company is absolutely ready to guide you during any roofing project. First, they have Roof Inspections. Before going too far with the installation or anything else, you will be accompanied by the company to inspect the building and the soon-to-be installed roofs to make sure you all don’t miss out even a tiny aspect. Second, they have Roof Replacements. See? They are so kind to support you replacing your old roofs with the new, sturdier one according to your needs. Finally, they have Repair and Maintenance for lifetime lasting roofs they’ll present to you.

The company truly understands how important the roofing is to us, so they promise to use to never let us down, that is by only handling our roofing requests quickly and professionally. They also have a commitment and dedication to make its customers satisfied with their services. Fortunately, they are really that committed and dedicated that we earn only the finest products like never before, and the highest quality of roofing to ensure the wellness of our lives. Being the 2015 Best Roof Repair Contractor in Salt Lake City, there is no reason to be with Vertex Roofing. Good luck!

Recommendation for Old-Fashioned Garage

garage door opener

Today we are living in modern world where everything is getting more sophisticated and automated. The technology comes to various sectors including our houses, garage for more specifically. Traditional houses having old-fashioned garage is tiring. The owners should get in and get out of the car for opening and closing garage. It is definitely not a nice way since it takes quite a long valuable time and it reduces productivity significantly if accumulated yearly. Therefore, there should be futuristic and best garage door opener for solving such issue. There is one Absolut recommendation for those who need new opener known as direct drive door opener. We are talking about mechanism here. It is basically a new technology with motor in overhead rail. The motor is powered with electricity, so that it will work automatically after a push on button. The motor will slide around the static chain for opening and closing the garage. It is recommended especially when compared to other mechanism because it is energy efficient and friendly – in terms of silent. Therefore, old-fashioned garage is better to have this kind of mechanism for easier access to garage while retaining classy look of door appearance.

garage door remote

In addition to great energy efficient and friendly, the new mechanism offers various sophisticated features. One common feature is controllable remotely, and it definitely requires remote control for do the task. With the help of remote control, it is now easier to access the garage. There is no need to go out from the car just for opening garage. Life is simpler now. There are several remote controls that can be picked. Choosing one of them will be daunting. However, it is important to make sure the remote works just like advertised. Typically a remote control can be used universally regardless of particular brand. However, there are also some garage openers that require original version of controller. Therefore, it is better to be cautious before purchasing one. There is a best garage door remote recommended for all. It is known garage door keypad. It allows the owners to have their garage protected by mechanism of garage and password. This double protection is recommended just for anyone.

garage door app

The last product is basically awesome. However, it is somehow still complicated because the owner should carry the remote. Fortunately there is further advancement in which it is possible to control the garage door through smartphone application. That way, there is no need to carry too many gadgets in one pocket. Garage is one recommended instrument for automated garage door. The setup is basically simple, and most similar tools have same installation procedure. However, this tool has more feature allowing the owners to have access to garage even if being away from home. It is possible because of garage door app coming in the package. The app is available for iOS and android operating system. That way, it is possible to have access of the garage without carrying additional physical remote or getting out of comfortable car. This is definitely a great replacement for old-fashioned garage, and it will improve quality of life through comfort resulting from automated garage door.

The Good Solution for Your Garage Door Problem

A good house is such a house that has the complete rooms based on the need for every person who stay at that house. If nowadays we are preparing for building a house, we need to have the good and clear concept on how our home will be. Besides, we need to make sure that we also be able to decide what kind of decoration that we will apply to our home. There are many kinds of preparation that we need to do before we build a house as our living space.

Garage door service in Burnaby, BC

Besides of determining the rooms that we will have in our home, we also need to add garage if we want or we have a car. We know that having a car is such a compulsory for those who can afford it. We need to have the good garage so that our car can be protected well. When you decide to build a garage in your home, you need to determine for the garage door also. The garage door is such an important part that we need to have to make the good protection of the car also.

Sometimes, we cannot handle the problem of our garage door and we need to choose the right service that can handle the problem of our garage door. If you face this kind of condition, you do not need to be worried since you can trust it to Garage door service in Burnaby, BC. You can contact them for getting the complete explanation about the service that they offer for fixing the problem of your own garage door. You do not need to be worried about the quality of the service since all of the technicians are very good in fixing your garage door. So far, do you want to use their service for your own garage door?