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Interior Design Done Right

There was a time not so long ago when fashion styles had very specific features, easy to identify, recognise and therefore – to follow. But development of the technology, industry and media created dynamic environment, where strict, canonic nature of style had to change. Home interior projects and trends stopped following certain rules and traditional designs were bravely combined with daring colours and exotic accessories creating more personalised atmosphere.

Now there are countless design companies and diversity is huge. It’s quite possible if you’re not certain how exactly you imagine your home interior you’ll either need ages to find out, or you will end picking home interior on a random basis. In both cases there’s a big chance many things to go wrong. So, my advice is take a good look at the place you want to remodel, close all fancy catalogues and choose interior look by characteristics of the space, trusting your own reason, taste and budget.

The Most Important Factors For Home Interior

We are experts in carpet cleaning in Bromley. Visiting countless homes has made it possible for us to identify the 3 most important factors you should consider when talking about home design:

Space and Sizes

If you are moving into a new place and you have to furnish it from a scratch you have to be aware that when a room is empty it seems big and spacey. But don’t rush to buy enormous solid furniture, before taking measures of the rooms first. A living room set that is displayed great and tempting in the huge, enlightened show room can actually make your living room look small, stuffed and set a claustrophobic feeling. In general massive wooden furniture – tables, cabinets and cupboards are appropriate choice for a big villa, or a mansion out of the city and are not quite good choice for urban homes. If you like the rustic designs, which are so trendy right now, better choose a classic wooden furniture in reasonable sizes and rely on the colours and accessories to achieve it.

Light and Colours

The second important point to build your interior around is the light. Before picking colours for your walls and furniture answer yourself the following questions: How much natural light enters the room that you’re about to (re)decorate? Is there a tree or any other obstacles for the daylight outside your windows? Of course, we can always put additional lighting – portable and wall lamps for the dark parts of the day. But what about the afternoons? This is why you have to comply with the natural light when choosing the right colours for your walls, furniture, curtains and even for the flooring. Painting medium size room, which doesn’t get enough sunlight in solid, more intensive colours can make it look smaller, obscured and uninviting. If you like strong intensive colours, but your place is rather small the best you can do is to choose paint and upholstery in pale, softer tones and enhance the look of the room with bright motives and accessories.

Purpose and Materials

Let’s put it this way – you are dreaming for a pale velvet sofa and delicate chiffon curtains, but you are planning to have kids soon, or you already have one or too? Then this combination is definitely a bad idea.

Some interior design decisions look fantastic in magazines. Instead of dreaming over an artsy interior magazine’s photos imagine your place and your loved ones in it. As I said, silk curtains may look fantastic they require really regular maintenance even if you live alone. The same is with fluffy carpets and delicate upholstery fabrics. Pick materials and fabrics wise. If you have to take care after a big family then choose more durable drapes and uphostered furniture for the family rooms in the house kitchen, living room and also for your kids room. Flooring is also important if your family is big or you have pets. I personally have always liked hard wood floor plus area rug better than wall­to­wall carpeting. First ­ it looks really beautiful, second ­ if you’re bored with your rug you can always put another one easy without help and, at last, but not least it’s way easier to maintain it clean and good looking.

In addition – the “perfect interior” for your home can be done 2 ways – paying for professional services or having your own opinion. Either way you have to take in mind your budget and the time that you’ll need to achieve it. But if you seek for cosy and inviting atmosphere accessories are your best friend. Be it handmade or commercial decoration, framed art and photos, pillows and cushions or even a single vase can give any room the look you aim for ­ gorgeous, warm, classy or adventurous. It’s up to you.

10 Points in Proper and Original Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom DecorationThe bathroom needs our focus, and we will give it that. It’s an important place in our homes, and it needs to be functional and beautiful.

1. Accent a wall
Your bathroom can be a place for bold experimentation. Picking colors in your bathroom should be effective. But, try this trick. Stick to only one wall. Paint it in a different color than the rest and see what that does.

2. Lighting
Lighting is a key part of any room. It can turn the atmosphere of your bathroom the way you want it, from powerful and sterile, to dim and romantic. The style of the lighting is also important, so try following the general style of your space. For example, if the style of your bathroom is very sterile
with sharp Aluminium window blinds or generally cold elements, the light should follow that pattern.

3. The shower curtain
If you really need a shower curtain in your bathroom, try finding one with a pattern or a texture. Find some curtains that are not too patterned, and not too sterile either. Shower curtains with neat little drawings will work great with your bathroom.

4. Storing
We don’t think about storing that much when designing our bathroom. How much space for storage does a bathroom really need? A lot. There are many things in the bathroom and they need to be stored properly. So, if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, think well about storage.

5. Rugs
Rugs are one of the first things you see when you walk into a room. That’s why you need to choose wisely. Pick a blue, red or white rug for your bathroom.
Neutral colors are the best colors for your rug if you can’t choose those three.

6. Towels
Towels can make a great change, and they can make your bathroom more beautiful. Don’t overlook them when decorating your bathroom. They can create a really pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom.

7. Mirrors
Mirrors can drastically change the look of any bathroom. First of all, they create an illusion of greater space. Secondly, mirrors give a certain elegance that when paired with the right frame can really transform your bathroom from boring to glamorous. Be creative and try decorating the mirror frame yourself.

8. Bring flowers into your bathroom
Most people think they don’t need flowers in their bathroom, but why not? They can really freshen things up and boost the atmosphere in the bathroom. They can literally make it come to life. When paired with beautiful crystals or ceramics, they can look very elegant and lovely.

9. Decor in the bathroom
Details in the end can change the entire look of the bathroom. Every small detail will complete your design. Be it glass jars with beautiful soap in them, perfumes or simple decorative elements like a glass bowl, all of these things can look very elegant in your newly decorated bathroom.

10. Think about your tub
Have you ever thought about decorating your tub? You probably haven’t but it’s a neat and original trick to use for your bathroom. Try it, experiment, and see where it gets you.

Microfiber Cloths vs Cotton Cloths

Microfiber ClothsCotton cloths have been used for centuries to clean our homes. It was well- established and reputable household product. Cotton was able to keep its leading position until microfiber was invented. The microfiber technology is probably the biggest break- through in domestic cleaning. Its revolutionary technology and superior capabilities allowed it to capture the top spot on the cleaning market.

So how is microfiber better that cotton and manages to outperform it?

To answer this question we have to look at the structure of microfiber, what it is made from and how. Nylon and polyester are two synthetic fibers widely used for the make of various products nowadays. They are basic materials for the make of microfiber cloths. Microfiber is thinner that human hair and finer than silk. It is many times finner than cotton strand. Polyester has affinity to oil which makes it great in absorbing oil spills. Moreover, it attracts water as well. As a synthetics nylon and polyester easily produce static electricity. They are able to retain dust particles while cotton cloths tend to spread dust in the air. Microfiber’s excellent characteristics allows it remove dust and dirt rather than moving from one place to another.

Cotton Cloths

Microfiber synthetic composition makes it out perform cotton in purely physical terms. It is stronger and more durable than cotton. It is resistant to stretching and shrinking. It keeps its shape longer. It is resistant to chemicals, abrasion and mildew. Absorbs up to eight times its weight in liquid.

The use of microfiber cloths in domestic cleaning allows for a superior performance. It absorbs liquids of all types. Does not spread dust in the air. Moreover, it allows you to use less water and cleaning detergents. It will help you save money and be eco friendly.

If you are really busy and you want to save time for your family search for professional cleaning services and let the experts to do the job for you.

How to Improve Your Cleaning Experience

We are experienced in carpet cleaning in Surbiton and that is why we know a lot about cleaning. Here are some useful tips you can use to improve your cleaning experience.
Household gloves allow for comfortable and safe performance of great range of domestic chores. Since its commercial introduction in the 1960s rubber gloves and their synthetic successors have built strong reputation for their reliability, durability, and usefulness. Rubber or synthetic, gloves come in many designs, colours, and lengths. This adds flexibility to their performance as users can assign colour- coding for different parts of their homes- yellow for bathrooms, pink for kitchens, green for the garden. Alternatively, you can assign yellow for heavy duty cleaning with chemical detergents, pink for dusting and blue/ green for washing the car or clearing the drains. You can choose from disposable latex or latex- free gloves to multi- use heavy duty or satin touch for sensitive skin.

Mainly, rubber gloves are multi- purpose and can re- used. They allow for performing different household activities. They are especially useful during hand dish washing. Many people still prefer to wash the dishes manually as they considered it superior to automatic dishwashers. Thick rubber gloves provide protection against possible cuts and allow dishes and glassware to be rinsed with much hotter water. Another useful application for multi- purpose rubber gloves is handling cleaning processes involving chemical detergents. Bleach, toilet cleaners, and other hazardous cleaning solutions pose a treat for skin if directly contacted. Wearing gloves gives you peace of mind that you are protected. Thus you can freely perform your duties and ensure complete cleaning process. Last, you can use rubber gloves when working in the garden. It will save you lots of cuts and punctures. You may safely operate and enjoy your gardening activities.

Most vinyl and latex gloves are disposable. They are also quite useful for various household activities. Starting with food preparation, using vinyl gloves prevents the transmission of bacteria. It ensures that the process is sterile. It does not allow for possible transfers of diseases and protecting you and your family. It is a great idea to use disposable gloves when painting your home. You will avoid all the mess related to fresh paint! You will manage to keep your hands nice and clean while redecorating your room.

All types of rubber and synthetic gloves have proved to be an irreplaceable part in every domestic cleaning products kit. The price you will pay for them is low compared to the benefits they will bring you. They have proven to be a versatile ally to every industrious and concerned home owner.

Installing Hurricane Proof Windows for a 24/7 House Protection

Florida Hurricane Windows

Florida has a quite serious case of hurricane in their history. For over one and a half decade, there are lots of hurricanes to pass the area. From the category one to the worst yet category four, this area has ever witnessed the rage of nature. While the big one can only be overcome by some serious emergency steps, you can protect your family within the house by making its endurance throughout the hurricane. One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is your windows. A merely windows glass might not stand a chance to face a strong wind. Thus, you need to contact Florida Hurricane Windows for the best protection.

Strong wind is proven to be too much for an ordinary glass to handle. With a hurricane wind speed ranging from 74 miles per hour, the weakest one, to the strongest which reaches more than 155 miles per hour, you need more than an average glass. You surely do not want to risk your family safety during the severe wind in Florida. Even if your glass might stand the strong wind, it will still produce some noises as it shudder at the wind strength. Thus of course, you need a special treatment for your window so you will be at ease during the hurricane.

The company offers some product line with the specialized design to face the rage of the Florida weather. The products offered are completed with a vinyl frames. This has the insulated technology which will prevent heat, sound, etc. from coming in to your house. You will also survive the hurricane because the windows offered here have a premium impact resistant. It is approved that the models are designated as your shield against the threat of the weather in the Florida. It will therefore provide the best protection for your house. By including a top-of-the-line aluminum frame, your windows will have enough strength to face the strong wind. All of these features are well devised to protect your family in Florida.

The company is also willing to fulfill your demand on getting the new windows replacement from your for your old windows. You do not want to risk the family protection by getting a replacement from an ordinary contractor around Florida. By calling the company, its crew will do some inspection on your windows. It will help you save some money as well as enhance your house beauty and value. More importantly, you will protect your house from the hurricane force winds since the company products have been approved. As it has insulated technology, the noise outside will be reduced as well.

Strong wind is unpredictable though. Especially in Florida, with its long history of hurricane, you will need the 24/7 protection from the bad to worse. Thus, by installing the windows, you get your family an ultimate shelter to shield them from the thread outside. The installation gives priority over your satisfaction as the company aims to give the customers the best quality services possible. This ultimate goal is clearly to give hurricane proof windows for your house. Get yourself the finest protection before it is too late, because it is Florida.