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Top Ten Reasons for installing traditional sliding sash windows

When it comes to replacing your sash windows, there are many reasons that you might want to consider having our traditional sliding sash windows fitted; here are the top ten reasons why you might want to consider traditional timber over plastic or uPVC frames.

  • Noise Reduction

Single-glazed sash windows do almost nothing to keep out the noise of the outside world, which can make for some rather uncomfortable situations – especially if the neighbours decide to hold a blazing row in the street. Whether you want to reduce the sound of the busy road outside your house or just want some more privacy, replacing your single pane sash windows with traditional sliding sash windows can help to reduce noise pollution in your home.

As the panes are double-glazed in our traditional sliding sash windows, they are very effective at minimising the annoying and distracting noise of the world outside.

  • Double Glazing

Another reason you might want to consider our traditional sliding sash windows is that, unlike other forms of sash windows, our units are discreetly double-glazed. They don’t look bulky and unwieldly as many double-glazed units do, instead they match perfectly with the original frames on your home from the windows to the doors.

Not only do you get the aesthetic benefits of double-glazing that blends perfectly into the surrounding architecture, you also get all the benefits of upgrading from single-glazing to double-glazing.

  • Security Glazing

When it comes to your home, security is something that is extremely important to most people. When you change your old sash windows, you want to be sure that the replacements that you choose are secure.

Our traditional sliding sash windows not only come with a security glazing option but the fact they are double-glazed means that they instantly offer more security to your home than the single-glazed panes you have in your old sash windows.

  • Locking Windows

Another element of security that adds peace of mind when replacing your sash windows is locking windows. Older sash windows tend to have metal arms instead of locks, however our traditional sliding sash windows come with modern locks on each of the windows that open that are key operated, so you can be sure that your home is secure when you lock your windows.

  • Prevent Heat loss

Single-glazed sash windows are a drain on heat in winter. If you’ve ever sat in on for any length of time during the colder months, you can feel the heat pouring out through them. When replacing older sash windows, reducing heat loss through sash windows and thus reducing your heating bills as a result is one thing you might want to consider. Our traditional sliding sash windows dramatically reduce heat loss due to not only being double-glazed but draught-proofed as well.

  • Block out draughts

Another problem with sash windows is how draughty they tend to be; the older the sash windows, the more persistent the draughts. This is not only down to the glazing but also to the frames as well. There are several different methods you can try to reduce draughts from your sash windows, from draught-proofing to secondary glazing, but replacing them altogether with our traditional sliding sash windows means that you will be certain you’ve eliminated draughts.

All of our traditional sliding sash windows are draught-proofed by design so you can be certain that you aren’t being plagued by unnecessary blasts of cold air.

  • Increase the value of the property

If you are thinking of selling your house, or just want to increase the value of your property, one of the easiest ways you can do this is by replacing your old sash windows with our traditional sliding sash windows. The frames are crafted using traditional methods and are designed to match the original look of your home and can help you to maximise the value of your property with a minimal amount of effort.

  • Minimise ultra-violet damage

The damage that ultra-violet light does to the skin is a concern for lots of people, but what most people don’t think of is the damage it does through the single-glazed panes of your home. You can reduce the danger and minimise the amount of damage that ultra-violet rays do in your home by having our traditional sliding sash windows fitted.

The double-glazing we fit is designed to block far more of these harmful ultra-violet rays than older sash windows and means that you get the added bonus of peace of mind one top of beautiful new windows.

  • Come in a range of colours

When you look at sash windows that have been replaced down the years, the frames that have been used have not been designed to blend in, in fact they are bulky, others look like they have been put in by conservatory manufacturers and most of the time, the colour of the frame doesn’t match with the rest of the windows on your home.

Our traditional sliding sash windows come with frames in range of colours. We offer a standard white timber frame, but this can also be painted using any of the colours from the Farrow & Ball colour range, so you can match the colour of the frame to that of your front door if you wish.

  • Match the Architecture

When most people think of replacement sash windows, the hideous sash windows of the 1950’s through 1980’s instantly spring to mind. They look out of place with the rest of the houses exterior and also don’t match up terribly well with the interior. Our traditional sliding sash windows are somewhat different.

We produce designs of sash windows that will match the original frames on your home, ensuring that they look like they belong on your home, not like they have been merely bolted on. Not only that,  but we also provide interior mouldings that are produced to match the original mouldings in your home, so most people will never be able to guess that your traditional sliding sash windows are reproductions and not the original fixtures.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Boxsash Traditional Sliding Sash Windows or want to get a free quote, please call our friendly and helpful staff on 01753 858196 or email them on

Best and Brilliant Styles of Bathroom Vanities

Best and Brilliant Styles of Bathroom Vanities

Want to keep up with the latest trends on bathroom vanities for your remodeling project? Well, here you can discover some of the best and brilliant styles and trends on bathroom vanities. The bathroom vanity is one of the important parts of the bathroom and very functional as well. Fortunately, you are on the right page as here we bring you the top options for your bath cabinet.

The good thing about bath vanities is that they don’t take so much room even when your bathroom is of small space. As such, the bathroom vanity and sink consoles serve as the pivotal point of the bathroom. For that reason, whether your bathroom is small, big, frequently or occasionally used, you always want to put some thought about it, making sure that it complements.

Built-In Vanity Drawers

One of the best options for bathroom vanities is the large, built-in vanity drawers. Simple designs are the best with the colors complementing that of your home. With a large, built in vanity, you will be able to put in a lot of things for your bathroom and ensure that your vanity will last for long. You can install the unit along your bathroom back wall, which will certainly keep it organized and inviting.

Open Display Shelf

For people who like things to be ready at hand, especially in the bathroom, installing an open display shelf is ideal. With open shelving, bathroom supplies and towels are easily available. The key is to make sure that everything is organized so that they pleasing to the eyes. You can consider using wickerwork baskets as well as stylish jars to add some elegance to your bathroom.

Tall, Built-In Cabinets

Is your bathroom of small space? If that’s the case, then having your bathroom vanity and sink installed with tall storage cabinets is real functional. This is a great way of saving space in your small bathroom as tall, built-in storage cabinets can offer you functional solutions concerning too little space.

Wraparound Vanity

A lot of people today love unique kinds of bathroom vanities and displays. What they like are those that are unique to their personality and distinct tastes. As such, custom bathroom vanities are available now as well. One example of these unique displays is the wraparound vanity, which is designed with the drawers and cabinets accessible with both sides.

Wood Vanity and Antique Vanity

One of the popular trends on bathroom vanities today is the wood vanity. Wood vanities offer a very distinctive storage design that’s elegant and gives your bathroom a real good look. Also, if you want a more traditional look for your bathroom vanity, you also try antique vanities as they are also a trend today.

These are some of the best bathroom vanities that are popular these days. Of course, there are other options you can choose from if you want to achieve a modern, contemporary, traditional, antique, rustic or vintage bathroom styles. If your style leans more to modern styles, you can easily find vanity solutions that suit your taste in most home improvement stores.

Find The Best Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service

Find Best Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service

There are things in life really underrated. Those are actually very important things and have crucial role in our life yet we seldom give proper attention until some problems forced us to realize it. One of them is the drain on our kitchen sink. Let’s admit that most of us won’t even take a look under the sink to check the condition of the drain. Even worse, some of us may not even know where to find the drain. We only begin to realize how crucial the drain when waste water leaking from the drain or the water won’t go down and instead it is coming up. Yes, there’s a problem with the drain.

Believe me, any problem with the drain, whether it is clogged or leaking, is the last thing you want to deal with because it causes so many hassle. Your kitchen will be so messy with leaking water all over the place and what’s so unbearable is the awful smell. It also means you can’t use the kitchen sink and that’s practically ruining your whole life. Until the problem is fixed and the drain works normal again you can’t have such a peaceful life like you used to be. It’s time to seek a help!

Never try to deal with the drain problem yourself unless you really sure you have the right knowledge and skill. Otherwise you will only make it worse and end up with spending too much money to cover the repair cost. There’s no chance for trial and error. Choose only the sure thing! And when it comes to drain cleaning and maintenance, there’s no surer thing than Sure Drain Services. Here in Centennial, CO and greater area, this company is well known as the best for plumbing services. It has been a complete plumbing and drain cleaning specialist for many years with top notch reputation. This is a licensed and certified contractor in plumbing services compliant with all required standards and regulations in the State of Colorado. More importantly it has commitment to quality. It will only deliver the best solution to its customers.

Sure Drain Services covers commercial and residential plumbing and drain services and it is including emergency service for those who are dealing with plumbing and drain problems. This company has team of highly experienced plumbers. They are trained and have wide knowledge about plumbing system and drain and they also very familiar with all types of plumbing and drain problems to make sure they know how to fix it. It won’t take long for them to find the actual problem and get it fixed right away. Once they done with their work, the drain at your kitchen will be working optimally again and with guarantee that the same problem won’t happen again anytime soon.

Visit Sure Drain Services’ website to learn more about this plumbing company and its services. Don’t forget to bookmark the page or save the contact number. You’ll never know when you need their help but no matter when you need them, you can be sure they know how to fix the problem.

Own a Private Island for the Same Price as London Flat

Own a Private Island for the Same Price as London Flat

On the market at the moment, for the same price as London’s ‘slimest house’ (just 99 inches wide), is a private island off the west coast of Scotland. After having £100,000 slashed from its asking price, the new £450,000 price tag will get you the island, a modern house, private beaches and breathtaking views.

Only a few miles from Sir Paul McCartney’s Scottish estate, the 19 acre Gigalum Island was put on the market last summer for £550,000 – an absolute steal considering the privacy, stunning surroundings and a celebrity neighbour. However, after having very little interest in the last six months, the property has had a £100,000 price cut.The island itself is described to have a rustic and charming accommodation with a wonderful encircling seascape and scenic views – what’s not to love? It appears that the main attraction of the property is obviously the surrounding land, as a scenic walk from the main beach at the lagoon takes you around the whole perimeter of the island – with views out to Jura, and even Northern Ireland. The island is being sold as ‘the perfect solution for island hunters on a more modest budget’ and claims to be ‘within reach of everyday island dreamers’ all for a very modest cost.

The house on the island is of a modern design, yet the wooden beams and paneling interior give this home a rustic feel. Each of the three bedrooms have en suites and all have stunning views of the landscape due to the unusual architecture of the property.However, that’s not all. For all you nature lovers, it is said that seals live on the rocks at the south of the island, otters live along the shores and dolphins are often seen accompanying local fishermen potting for lobsters.

If you prefer the city life then this might not be the investment for you. The only way to reach the mainland from the island is via a private boat to Gigha, a island with a populations of just 110, before taking a ferry to the mainland in a trip that can take up to two hours… Unless the buyer owns a helicopter.For the same price as this island, you could get a three bedroom ground floor flat in Edinburgh’s upmarket Merchiston area. Or perhaps a questionable flat in London. However, If rural living is your bag then this property seems to be perfect!

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What is the most effective way of dealing with pest control?

If you have a pest control problem in your home you want to deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The longer pests are left to take control in your property the harder they are to get rid of. They can also cause a considerable amount of damage over time. If you want to try and save money it can be tempting to attempt to control the problem yourself, but this is not always the best option.

We are going to take a look at the problems with carrying out your own pest control and why hiring a professional may be the best option. We are also going to take a look at why preventative measures are a good idea.

Is carrying out your own pest control a good idea?

If you have pests in your home you can buy pesticides in the form of aerosols, baits and solutions, and carry out your own pest control. If you do this you have to remember that you are handling chemicals and that they can be dangerous if you do not handle them as directed on the packaging. You also need to take into consideration that spot treatments are not always the best means of getting rid of pests. If you hire pest control Long Island to do the work for you they will carry out safe and effective procedures on the whole property if necessary. They also know exactly how to handle the chemicals involved. Overall, this tends to mean that pest control professionals get the job done quicker and in a more effective manner.

Why are preventative measures so important?

Although do it yourself pest control might not be very effective, do it yourself preventative measures can be. You can carry out inspections of your home on a regular basis to make sure that any gaps or holes in the exterior are filled. You would be surprised at just how small a gap some pests can get through. Outside of your home, it’s a good idea to not grow trees and shrubs too close to the property.

This is because they can provide an easy access route for pests and because the debris which falls from them can encourage water to build-up. This water can encourage activity from pests such as termites. You should always make sure that areas such as the kitchen are kept clean as any leftover pieces of food can be an excellent food source for pests.

Although do it yourself pest control may seem like the cheapest option this is not the case if it does not work as well as it should and you end up paying money to repair damage caused by pests. It’s worthwhile hiring a pest control professional to complete the work. You can help to keep pest control requirements to a minimum by be carrying out recommended preventative measures.