Anything You Need to Know about Professional Duct Cleaning

The HVAC system in your house or workplace actually performs far crucial role than just providing indoor air in certain temperature. The unit prevents the dirt, grime, and dust from circulating through the entire building. This means that the duct system contributes the healthy living environment. The air from the HVAC system circulates trough out the building through the duct system. In fact, the air can circulate through the duct system for multiple times every day. This means that the air which cycle in the building is actually the same air that you breathe. Therefore, you want the air to be as healthy and clean as possible.

Duct cleaning service refers to dust and other contaminants removal in the ductwork. Some people may decide to clean the duct system on their own, but hiring professional cleaning service is way better.

About Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning provides thorough duct system cleaning service. They use the proper equipment such as brushes, blowers, vacuums, and others in order to remove the debris and dust in the HVAC and duct system. Even though it may seem straightforward, but duct cleaning is actually not a chore to do on your own. The professional duct cleaning service is not limited to cleaning only; they also perform an inspection of the duct system. This is important to make sure that the duct system is safe and if there are damages; they will perform repair as well.

When is the right time to have ducts cleaned?

Duct system should be cleaned and serviced on regular basis. However, it is also worth to have them clean after certain situation for example before the weather gets colder because clean duct will improve the quality and efficiency. Other situations which may require professional cleaning includes:

  •    Any sign of visible molds in the system.
  •    Home remodel or renovation. Remodel or renovation can lead to materials, debris, and harmful chemicals released into the air. This includes the smell of lead paint, asbestos, and other significant dust. It is definitely crucial to have the duct system cleaned for the family safety.
  •    Animal intrusion. Animals may create nests or even leave waste in the duct system. Therefore if you see any animal intrusion, it is better to have the duct cleaned professionally.
  •    Signs of allergens and harmful gem. If the family members are often caught cold, flu, or allergies; you can suspect that it is the duct system which needs to be cleaned. This is the sign that the air circulating in the house is no longer safe and healthy.

Benefits of preferring professional duct cleanings service

Improve air quality – duct system and registers which have thick build-up of grime and dust may restrict the air flow from the HVAC system. If the duct system is not cleaned, this means that the HVAC system will have to work harder to cool or heat the house. There are approximately 40 lbs of dirt and dust is created in average-size home every year. This is the same amount of dirt that will circulate to the entire house if the ductwork is not cleaned. Having the duct system cleaned helps improving the air quality because the dirt and grime have removed.

Reduce energy consumption – dirty ductwork will force the HVAC system to work harder to heat and cool the house. Having the system cleaned will help reduce the energy consumption by 10% to 40%. The duct system will work more efficiently since they are not clogged with dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Reduce irritants and allergens – air ducts sometimes contains harmful micro-organisms and other contaminants such as bacteria, mildew, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other toxins. Having such contaminants circulating in the house will put the family members in danger of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disease. Regular duct cleaning provides healthier air and also reduces irritants and allergens.

Cleaner and healthier living environment – Having the duct system professionally cleaned helps prevent the harmful dust to circulate throughout the building. The professional air duct Phoenix helps removing unpleasant odors and smells and provides the cleaner and healthier living environment for the family. There is nothing better than fresh smelling home after having the duct system cleaned.