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Best Buy Bathroom Additions – Modular Steam Shower Units

Best Buy Bathroom Additions - Modular Steam Shower Units

Okay, so steam showers are nothing new, but the ones on sale nowadays for home installation are quite different from those you find in many athletic clubs, health resorts or spas. In these places, the steam room is quite simply – a room; usually fully tiled, into which steam is pumped, and you sit and enjoy the warmth and healing benefits of the steam.

But when it comes to buying a steam shower for your own bathroom there are other options apart from building a custom steam room which involves extensive plumbing and tiling in order to make it completely moisture proof.

Modular steam showers

Alternative options include steam showers, which come as modular units, cubicles or cabins. These are especially good in terms of the small amount of space required in your bathroom – these compact steam shower units can be fitted in even the smallest bathroom. In fact, if you have enough space to stand, as you would in a shower, and revolve without bumping into anything, then you probably have enough space to install your very own steam shower cabin.

So let’s get to the basics:

Efficient and quick steam

A steam shower unit is an all in one enclosure with a sealed door which does not allow the vapour (steam) to escape into the rest of the bathroom. There are a couple of good things about this: it means that the walls and ceiling in the bathroom won’t be adversely affected by the moisture of the steam, and the shower only needs to generate enough steam to fill the cabin, and not the whole room, which offers a substantial cost saving as opposed to a conventional steam room – and it’s quicker.

Normally, a steam shower cabin comes with a flip-down seat which you can use, since most experts recommend steam sessions of around 20 minutes in order to get the maximum health benefits.

Incorporated within the steam shower unit are regular water and shower controls too. You’ll also be able to choose between a range of different shower heads, one of the most popular being the monsoon rain showerhead which provides a tropical rain-like shower experience – totally exhilarating!

Incredibly easy installation

Modular steam shower cabins come ready to be installed, so once you have the water and electricity supplies located in the right place – installation shouldn’t take more than about 20 minutes, which is another great advantage over custom building a steam shower room, which could mean weeks and weeks of tradesmen in your home before it’s finished.

Your own steam – on tap

A steam shower unit is easy to install, easy to operate, and just as easy to maintain and keep clean. There’s no need for any additional space in your house, as most will slot straight into your existing bathroom easily.

With all these advantages – there’s never been a better time to add the luxury and benefits of steam as a feature in your bathroom.