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Where to Find Best Domestic Cleaners in Canberra

Where to Find Best Domestic Cleaners in Canberra

It is very important to keep our home a safe and comfortable environment to our family and one of the most important factors is to keep it clean and hygiene. Without proper maintenance to keep the house clean, there will be many risks possibly cause health problems and not to mention a house that isn’t tidy won’t be a comfortable place anymore. Never underestimating cleaning works because it is much difficult than what it seems.

House cleaning seems like a routine work but let’s admit that many of us don’t have enough time to do it properly. Both parents are working and spends most hours at the office and not to mention taking care of the children. Most people would be too tired to do a thorough cleaning and only able to handle minor works which actually not enough. That’s the biggest concern on modern families these days and you can be facing the same problem. Hiring professional cleaning service can be a good option to cover house cleaning work you can’t handle. It means you need to find the right Domestic cleaners Canberra to hire. Off course it isn’t an easy thing. You need to make sure that the cleaner able to handle the cleaning works with optimum results. More importantly, you need someone you can really trust to work at your home when practically you’re not there.

When you are looking for domestic cleaning service in Canberra, look no other than Houseproud Cleaning. It is the leading professional cleaning company specializing in domestic house and office cleaning services. For more than 15 years this company has been providing high quality cleaning services. It is committed to bring back the quality of cleaning through efficient cleaning methods, excellent customer service, and also affordable rate. Houseproud believes that every family deserves a proper house cleaning service they can access. Today, this company becomes the leader in this industry with huge numbers of highly satisfied customers in Canberra and greater area. Its lines of service are including regular cleaning, specialized cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, moving clean, and many more.

What separates Houseprod from other domestic cleaning providers is its commitment to only deliver the best. It has team of highly trained Domestic cleaners Canberra with knowledge and experience with all types of domestic cleaning works. This company guarantees that all cleaners have been passing strict security check. Houseproud provide all cleaning tools and all cleaning products. Those products are non-toxic and chemical free to ensure it is environmentally safe and won’t leave dangerous residues. The cleaning works will be very effective with the best result.

Don’t hesitate to call Houseproud and request for a quote of the cleaning works. It is guaranteed that you won’t be charged with any hidden fee other than the one listed on the quote. For your highest satisfaction, all cleaning works are fully insured. It is also offering very flexible schedule for the cleaning works. Houseproud Cleaning is the most trusted partner to help you maintain a clean and hygiene house.

Apartment Cleaning Service in Brighton

 Apartment Cleaning Service in Brighton

There’s an advantage of living in an apartment unit as it means there’s not too much space to clean compare living in landed house. But still, house cleaning isn’t not a fun thing to do. Many of us would easily recall it as the least favorite thing. With few leisure time you have it is really shame to spend for cleaning the premise. It’s better spent with something fun to do.

Like it or hot, house cleaning is important. You need to maintain living space clean and hygiene for your own well being. It seems that hiring other people to do the cleaning a much better option to keep your home clean and tidy. Off course you want the best to take care your home and for apartment cleaning Brighton, the best one to choose is The Fabulous Maid. This is the leading professional cleaning company serving all area in the state of Massachusetts. Its reputation is well known for high quality services and very competitive rate. No wonder it becomes the first choice for many people in this area who are really satisfied with their services. There’s no need to hesitate hiring this cleaning service to take cares of your apartment unit.

The Fabulous Maid has team of cleaners highly trained to handle Residential Cleaning Brighton of different details including routine house cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, and many more. With complete cleaning tools and equipment, it would be really effective and guaranteed best result. Moreover, this company only use 100% environmentally safe cleaning products leaving no dangerous residues. All cleaners have been passing screening process that you can really trust them working at your home. Contact The Fabulous Maid today. This company can offer very flexible arrangement to meet your particular needs and reasonable budget wise. Best of all you can be sure your home is well taken care of.

Industrial Window Cleaning in Perth

Industrial Window Cleaning in Perth

Glass structure on industrial facility such as windows and roof is intended to allow natural light coming inside so power saving can be better reached. Exposed with natural light is also improving the quality of working environment and it will bring significant effect to the wellbeing and the performance of those working inside the facility. Off course, it can only be achieved when the glass windows are well maintained to keep it clean and clear.

As most glass windows on industrial facilities are built high above it would be challenging to clean and often left uncleanded for a while. It makes the cleaning work so much difficult for the challenging location of the windows and the fact that the windows are already too dirty. Ordinary window cleaning method won’t be enough for this. It requires the right method and also the right skill. Only Active Window Cleaning can offer both at optimum level. This is the leading professional window cleaning service company based in Perth. It has comprehensive lines of services for all types of window cleaning works and among its specializations is industrial window cleaning. For more than 15 years, this company has been serving many clients with top reputation. It has been delivering window cleaning services on various industrial facilities and sites throughout greater Perth area.

As window cleaning expert, this company is committed to make sure every project will be completed with exceptional quality. It is including utilizing the right method for window cleaning in industrial sites and high rise structure. Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning provided by this company can effectively access glass window on high position and clean it thoroughly. Combined with Pure Water Technology, it can wash and cleanse all stains and dirt to make it crystal clear clean while leaving no hazardous contaminants. No one clean the window better than Active Window Cleaning.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Tiles The Eco Friendly Way

Cleaning Your Bathroom Tiles The Eco Friendly Way

If you’re concerned for the environment, you’ll probably want to know how you can easily and cheaply clean your gorgeous home without harming the planet. Here’s how.

Our bathrooms can be pretty un-environmentally friendly compared to other rooms in our home. It’s where we use the most water having baths, showers and using the basin; we also enjoy the spoils of energy used to heat our hot water tank, and pollute our water system using strong bleaches, detergents and other cleaning products. If you care about the planet and want to do your bit when it comes to reducing your environmental impact, there are some easy changes you can make that won’t cost you anything, in fact they will save you money. The first thing you can do is have showers instead of baths, have shorter showers, and don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth. You can also make an effort to clean your bathroom using eco friendly bathroom cleaners. Your wc, basin and beautiful wall tiles won’t suffer because you’re cutting down on the bleach. They will look just as clean, if not more so and the environment will benefit, not to mention your wallet.

Here are some easy eco friendly bathroom cleaner recipes:

For The Bathroom Tiles

Cleaners for ceramic or porcelain tiles can contain really nasty chemicals which can irritate the skin, and release fumes into the air. This recipe is an eco-friendly cleaner that can be used on shower wall tiles or splashback wall tiles, and the bath itself as well.


  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • ½ a cup of baking soda

All you need to do is add the two ingredients together and then wipe them on to the surface you are looking to clean. It is important you don’t smother the tiles in this mixture as the vinegar can break down tile grout, although if your grout is sealed this shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re just looking for a quick way to clean the surfaces, baking soda on it’s own is abrasive enough to work.

For The Toilet

Toilet bowl cleaners from supermarkets often contain some of the most toxic and harsh chemicals of all the bathroom cleaners we use on a day to day basis. When these cleaners are used, the chemicals tend to mix with the water and release some pretty nasty gases. These gases may just smell like cleaning product to us, but they are actually fumes that some studies have suggested could lead to health risks.


½ a cup of Borax Replacement

½ a cup of White Vinegar

Borax replacement should be used with caution as it is quite a strong chemical, despite being eco friendly, so always use gloves to protect your hands. Simply pour the Borax Replacement and White Vinegar into the toilet in the amounts above, and leave them in there for around 60 minutes. The longer you leave the mixture, the more effective it will be. When you have left the mixture to work its magic, simply scrub the toilet bowl (with gloves on) and then flush when you’re done. You should find you have a very clean and sparkling bowl afterwards. For more difficult stains on the bowl, leave the mixture in the bowl overnight before scrubbing.

For Black Mould

Bathrooms often get mould growing in them because they are very moist places. Tile grout and bath sealant can often become black with mould, and it’s pretty difficult to remove once it has stained the surface so it’s best to keep on top of it from the outset if you see it appear.

With this recipe you need pure water which can simply be filtered tap water. You will also need hydrogen peroxide which is available in most chemists. You simply mix one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts filtered water and apply the mixture liberally to the black mould (remember the rubber gloves again).

Remember, every little helps so if you don’t feel comfortable mixing your own eco bathroom cleaner, just opt for the eco-friendly ready mixed cleaners at the supermarket. Most supermarkets have their own brand eco-friendly cleaners now, they work just as well but are much less harmful to you and the environment than standard cleaners.

Choosing the perfect carpet cleaning service in Staines

If you are looking for a suitable company for carpet cleaning in Staines, there are certain things you should be looking for before hiring one.

First of all, look for a company which is recommended by other clients, and by someone you actually know.  It is important to find a reliable cleaner with trusted employees as well as an insurance policy which will cover any possible damage which can occur to your carpeting or your furniture during the cleaning process.

You should also ask the cleaning service people about the types of cleaning devices and solutions they use, as well as their experience in cleaning your specific type of carpeting.

It is great to find a cleaner who offers the perfect balance between efficient carpet cleaning, removal of all dirt and spills and keeping the excellent flooring fibres intact, by using professional tools and eco-friendly solutions.

Try locating a company with years of experience and yet in possession of the latest cleaning tools and devices in the business.  Combined with the use of the most efficient cleaning products, this will guarantee that your carpets and rugs are perfectly cleaned and refreshed.

You might want to inquire about additional services, such as: carpet pre-treatment, spill eradication (if needed), drying, deodorising, adding protective solutions and furniture moving. The majority of firms in this field typically will charge extra fees for these additional services, so make sure you ask what the cleaning fee actually includes before hiring the company.

It is actually worth the time and effort to do your research before choosing your company for carpet cleaning because the carpets and rugs in your house are expensive items and need to get the proper treatment to keep them looking and smelling good and fresh for years to come.