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The most overlooked best gadgets for contractors

Construction architects using phone in building damaged in the disaster. His colleagues review plan.

Construction architects using phone in building damaged in the disaster. His colleagues review plan.

When you’re a contractor and are self employed, there are certain tools and resources that can make all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, all too many of the very best gadgets are often overlooked. This leaves us to miss out on some spectacular opportunities to save time and money and simply do things more easily.

Using dad’s old tools just isn’t enough for the modern contractor. Sure, they’re great and they don’t make them like that anymore. However, they’re also not meant for the type of laser accuracy and efficiency demanded of today’s self-employed handyman.

The following are some of the best gadgets and tools you’ll find on today’s market:

  • The Bosch GPLL5 Pen Line Laser Level – At less than $100, this item is easily affordable and this tool will make alignment and leveling a breeze. Its design is simple, user friendly and just makes sense. It projects a single line and comes with adhesive strips and a mounting plate which lets you stick it to virtually any surface you need.
  • Magnogrip – It’s the astounding simplicity of this magnetic wristband product that makes it so perfect. Wearing it lets you stick small tools, nuts, bolts, screws, nails and other fasteners to your wrist while you work. It’s both a time and frustration saver and it costs less than $20. After using this once, you’ll never want to have to complete another project without it.
  • Mogix battery pack – This external battery charger lets you keep your smartphone, tablet or other USB cable-chargeable devices fully juiced up. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your mobile phone battery on its last bar when you still have half a day to finish. This power bank will give your cell phone more than one charge, so you won’t have to charge it every day unless you use it to recharge several mobile gadgets every day.
  • HoursTracker app – With your mobile phone charged up, you’ll be able to use some helpful apps including this timesheet and time tracker. You’ll be able to keep track of precisely how much time you’re clocking for all your clients. The mobile app features a Jobs tab you can use to load clients and where you can enter your hourly rate. This keeps everything all in one place and takes the fuss out of your time tracking.

Looking For an Ideal demolition Company? Here are some of the Guidelines

concrete breaking in Calgary

If you are reading this post at this moment, it’s probably because you are a first time customer in search of the ideal demolition company in Calgary and are stuck on how to go about the process. However, not to worry as this article has been penned down with the major objective of assisting you arrive at the demolition company that will accomplish the task to your liking. Whether you are looking to contact a company to execute commercial or residential demolition, you can sit back and relax because you have come to the right place.

Many people have to grapple with the prospect of having to bring down certain parts or the entire buildings without affecting the surrounding community. Well, this is possible albeit with the right demolition company. Before, settling for any demolition company, you have to thoroughly vet the company against its longevity in the market as well as its track record. To add cake to the icing, you need a couple of referrals who have contracted the company before and are satisfied about the company’s work ethic and reliability. 

The following discussion puts these factors into more perspective:

Requisite Experience

A reputable demolition is one that has attended to various major projects, either in the industrial or commercial construction sectors. The company in question needs to be listed among the top demolition contractors in order to pass the reputability test. Moreover, it should have played an integral role in infrastructure projects that have been successfully executed in Calgary.

Environmentally Friendly 

With the impending climate change that has become a global phenomenon, companies should adopt green technologies in order to salvage our otherwise deteriorating climate. As a client, you have a duty to select a company that contributes to the collective goal of saving the environment. You should go for a company that has a track record of recycling materials after the demolition process has occurred. For example most companies that offer interior demolition in Calgary ensure that they either recycle materials or recover a wide array of inventory from the rubble and sell it. This aid in the reduction of waste, as well as the protection of our fragile environment.

Health and Safety

Various demolition activities such as concrete breaking in Calgary can result in the release of volumes of dust particles that can lead to breathing and lung diseases in humans. In addition, interior demolition in Calgary, as well as concrete breaking in Calgary can be a safety hazard. It is, therefore, wise to invest in a company that ensures the safety of both the workers, as well as the curious onlookers.

Licensing and Worker’s Compensation

Any reputable company need to have the necessary registration and licensing before it can kick start the demolition activities. It must adhere to the safety guidelines and standards set by the requisite Calgary authority. Furthermore, before any work can be commenced on the site of choice, ensure that all the personnel have proof of Worker’s Compensation to avert the likelihood of having to foot all the bills for them in case of any work-related eventualities while working on your site.


How to Choose Dependable Concrete Removal Services in Mississauga

Concrete core drillingConcrete removal in Mississauga is a widespread service offered by several specialists and professionals. Concrete removal and demolition services such as cutting and concrete core drilling are offered for residential, as well as commercial projects. If you are thinking of a concrete drilling project for your home, you need professionals who offer removal services, as well. Here are factors to consider during your search so as to get a dependable concrete removal company.

First, conduct some research of the best of these companies in your area. Word of mouth is a good way to know of the companies with unmatched services, as well as those that should be avoided. Talk to your friends, relatives and neighbors, especially those who have undertaken concrete removal and demolition projects in the recent past. There is so much information out there so just listen to experiences of other people with different companies. 

An online search is also a good way to know of the best company for concrete removal in Mississauga. There are several review sites with ratings of different companies according to the services offered, experience and cost among other factors. While on these sites, read client reviews on different service providers and avoid any company with many negative reviews. 

Once you have a list of the top rated companies for concrete core drilling and removal, contact them one by one for further analysis. Start by checking the experience of a company in this business. Ask the actual number of years a company has been operational and go for those with at least five years of experience. While some new establishments might offer high quality services, it is advisable to entrust this job to a company that has been around for some time. 

Ask for references from the past clients of the company. A good company for concrete core drilling and concrete removal in Mississauga will have no problem giving you contact information of people they have conducted business with before. Using this information, get in touch with the clients and ask them about their experience with the company. Ask if they would hire the provider again, if given a chance.

Another thing to consider when choosing a concrete removal company is licensing. There are many fraudsters in the market today posing as genuine contractors only to offer you substandard services. To be safe, ensure that you choose a company with a genuine and valid license. If you have any doubt concerning the licensure, contact the named authority for confirmation. 

Finally, consider cost before signing a contract with any company for concrete core drilling and concrete removal in Mississauga. Price will vary depending on things like location of the home, actual quantity of concrete being demolished, disposal charge and specialist costs. Concrete drilling and cutting on huge areas require significant, as well as advanced demolition and removal tools. Such projects are likely to be more expensive than smaller residential concrete projects. To get the best priced company, compare prices from different providers. However, beware of ridiculously cheap concrete services as this could be an indication of poor quality of services.

A Guideline to Securing the Best Contractors in Edmonton

Design build contractorsIt can be quite a hassle securing the best design build contractors in Edmonton to execute either residential, commercial or farm constructions. The situation can be aggravated further if you have no idea where to start from. In Edmonton, there exists a wide array of general contractors that flag themselves as the best in the industry. This is potentially confusing, especially to people who are looking to contract companies for such services. Nevertheless, with proper and thorough research about the design build contractors in Edmonton, you are guaranteed of not only securing one of the best services, but also at a cost-effective rate. However, to save time, this guide combines the invaluable factors to look out for in a single place to enable you to make up your mind without having to undergo a lot of hassle.

The following are some of the factors that you need to look out for when selecting the ideal general contractors, as well as design build contractors in Edmonton:


It is always a good idea to contract someone that has the know-how in a given industry. This can be ascertained by the number of projects successfully completed, as well as the years of experience the company has; the track record should basically speak for the company. For example, a good establishment in the construction industry should have various decades in operation. The company should be in place for at least 3 decades to enable it to undertake complex projects in the industry. Addition, this timeline of operation helps to instill both confidence and trust among clients.

The Client Base

In the fast emerging world, the numbers speak for themselves. A company cannot claim to be successful without backing it using records. Therefore, an equally successful company needs to have successfully undertaken massive projects from a wide array of clients. Furthermore, these projects must have received favourable ratings from the requisite customers. Another important aspect is the company’s turnover and profit rate. These are important in drumming up support and vouching for a company’s success.

Safety and Worker’s Compensation

Workers in a construction industry are predisposed to a series of varying dangers, including minor, serious and even the prospect of death. For this reason, general contractors and other design build contractors in Edmonton need to be safety conscious. They should provide the requisite safety gear to workers, as well as worker’s compensation. This ensures that in case of any eventualities in the line of duty, the workers can receive medical care and the necessary compensation depending on the level of injuries meted out to them. The companies should also ensure safety by having safety manuals.

Licensing Compliance

A trustworthy company is one that begins by complying with all the legal requirements set out by the relevant authorities. To ensure the safety of workers and other stakeholders, you must start by safeguarding that of the company. Therefore, a company needs to have all certificates of registration and compliance as proof that it is operating legally.

Has the Company Been Awarded?

Does the company have any recognition or awards? These are important because they are a show of appreciation of the work being done by the company or as a sign of compliance such as safety regulation.

What Do You Need To Know About Residential Structural Engineers?

commercial engineerWhen it comes to discussing the importance of residential structural engineering services, there are some vital aspects that should be considered. In this article, you will be able to find out about the primary responsibilities of a residential structural engineer.

One of the primary responsibilities of this type of professional is performing the analysis of the building structure. The inspections of the building structures are generally performed through services that also offer whole structural analysis. This type of service provider mostly works together with the contractors to analyze the structure of the building. The stability of the design is measured with the help of the CAD software. This software enables professionals to create the blueprints of the building. It is also highly effective in creating three dimensional models of the building structures. Majority of the service providers employ their engineering skills to work with the architects in order to properly analyze the structure of the residential buildings.  

Another important job that a residential structural engineer performs is to restore the old buildings. The structural engineering services also provide the expert analysis of the condition of the buildings. They are usually employed when people need to restore or repair their old buildings. Such companies often provide the best solution for repairing the steel, wood, or concrete structures. Majority of these companies offer consulting services that help clients, like homeowners, property managers, or contractors to complete the restoration projects. This service could also include the expert advice concerning design concepts, project management, and documentation.

Designing new houses is also part of the job description of a residential structural engineering company. A new house needs to have a good design before the architects or contractors can start designing the new buildings. The structural engineering service is usually required in order to ensure that the structure of the house is strong enough to withstand the severe weather conditions and common wear and tear. It also ensures that the structure of the property is calculated. This helps to avoid any structural issues in the future. That is the reason why people utilize these services when they want to construct new house buildings.

Hiring a commercial engineer is very important. You need to undertake extensive research if you want to achieve the desired results. Considering the nature of work that a commercial engineer engages in, it is important to hire the services of the right commercial engineer.

Getting recommendations from people around you, like your colleagues and business associates, is also helpful. They might be able to refer you to the right commercial engineer who can take care of your specific requirements. Before making your final decision, make sure to personally talk with the engineer. During the meeting, ask different questions to determine whether or not the commercial engineer you are considering is suitable for your specific needs. Make sure to ask how long he or she has been working in the field. Preferably, the engineer should have at-least five years of professional experience.