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Making Your New House Move an Enjoyable Task to do

Moving to a new home can affect you emotionally and also physically. You will be excited with the coming new things, meeting new people, new prospects and so much more. But moving to a new home is not an easy task as well. There is a lot of work to do and lots of things for you to pack. But making it an enjoyable one will help you to eliminate the stressful moments during the new move. So, here are some tips that will help you to make the best move.

A packing party!

If you really don’t have time to go out with your friends because you have a lot of thing to pack at home for the moving then, why not call them to your place. You can actually have fun with them at home and they will also help you to do the packing. Invite them for some help and give them a good treat with music and food. While you have some fun chats you will end packing all the things with less stress and lots of help. But be sure that your friends are OK to help you out a bit.

Take a day off

If you are working and have very few holidays, it is best if you can take a day off to finish the most of your pacing. Sometime you will be the only person who has to do it all so instead of spending the whole time packing after work which can really make you frustrated, take a whole day or two off. You can even some help from others. This way will help you to make the most out of the process without hassle.

Use the correct equipment

If you are not hoping to get help form a professional moving service to do the packing job then, you need to know the correct ways, buy the correct packing boxes to make the process a safety and easy one. You can use things like hand carts and dollies to move things from here to there at once instead of carrying them with your hands. Also, when you are bringing things down the stairs, make sure that there are nothing in the way to obstruct you.

Making Your New House Move an Enjoyable Task to do

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Have a well streamlined place because you will be piling boxes everywhere and if they are scattered all over the place, the number of accidents can increase too.

Give yourself a treat

If you go on packing at a stretch you will never enjoy anything you do. So, once you have finished a huge portion on packing, give yourself a small treat. You can spend some time listening to good music, reading your favorite book, or taking a stroll down the street to the ice-cream shop for some night dessert.

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How to Make DIY Driftwood

How to Make DIY Driftwood

Driftwood craft is something special and isn’t had by everyone. The rustic but elegant look and naturally finished driftwood become this kind of craft is loved by many people; especially those who love unique crafts. However, driftwood craft is also something rare because the materials from the ocean is quite difficult to find. Moreover, there are not too many people who live in seashore and can get the driftwoods. If you are one of the lovers of driftwood crafts. You can make DIY driftwood by using wood that you find from streams or lakes, or the wood of dead trees.

You can make kinds of unique and interesting crafts from driftwood. The bigger size of driftwood can be the part of outdoor landscaping. Meanwhile, the smaller one is perfect for home aquariums, home decorations, cloches, etc. You can make the craft in some simple process and materials in relatively short time.

The Things You Need

There are some things you should prepare before creating your own driftwood craft, they are;

  • Wood that has been naturally dried by sun.

  • Stiff brush

  • Storage bin made from plastic with lid

  • Salts

  • Water

  • Big pot

  • Rocks

  • Stove

  • Grill

  • Driftwood finish

Steps to Make Your DIY Driftwood Craft

  • Firstly, clean your driftwoods and choose each of them based on the drying level and shapes. You can find every piece with its beauty of artistic shape. Use your stiff brush to remove the rots and barks.

  • Prepare your big plastic storage bin and then fill it with two handfuls of salt. Fill the bin with water until it half full. After the water is mixed perfectly with the salts, place your driftwood into the salt water. Cover with rocks to hold the woods under the salt water. If the water hasn’t covered the whole wood yet, you can add some more water into the bin. This step will make the wood getting rid of impurities and remained living things. Meanwhile, the salt water will give the character to the wood to be like the ocean driftwood weathered wood finish.

  • When you store the wood under the salt water, make sure that you change the salt water every day. In a few days, the water will get brown because the impurities are pulled out. You should continue this process until the water doesn’t get brown anymore; or about two weeks.

  • After a couple of weeks, bake the wood on an outdoor grill on about 200 degrees. This process will sterilize the wood and it will be safe to be placed inside an aquarium with fishes. Bake the wood in about three hours. Always check the grill to prevent fire catching.

After the baking process is finished. Cool down the wood in an airy place. Apply some finishing to get perfect look. You can create your own driftwood finish by taking some recipes online. Otherwise, you can purchase the finishing from the expert of driftwood craft.