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Buying Interior Barn Door Hardware

Buying Interior Barn Door Hardware

Finding the right hardware for barn doors you purchased lately can be tedious task. However, there are certain considerations that you can take to avoid the tedium. Firstly, you need to determine exactly what parts you need; secondly, measure the dimensions of doors and select items according to the measurements. Commonly there are 4 types of hardware available in market:

  • Hammered style,
  • Prop,
  • Horseshoe
  • Aero

Components included in barn door hardware are listed below:

  1. Standoff Base
  2. Standoff Extension
  3. T-Guide
  4. 2 Hangers
  5. 2 End stops
  6. 2 Anti-Jump Discs
  7. 6 Hexagonal Bolts and Nuts
  8. Hexagonal Head Lag Bolt
  9. Spice Plate
  10. Spacers
  11. Track

However, Aero category doesn’t require Hexagonal bolts and spacers, it rather needs 4 wood screws.

Assembly of these components for installation of barn door requires:

  • 9/16’’ Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • ¾’’ Wrench
  • 3/8’’ Drill Bit
  • 1/8’’ Drill bit
  • Laser leveling Equipment(Typically not required)

Consideration of minimum distance between ceiling and hanger

Traditional hangers, horseshoe shaped hangers and ceiling need to be at least 6’’ apart. Distance between prop style, aero style hangers and ceiling must be at least 5.5 inches. Whereas, hammered style hangers must be separated from ceiling at the distance of 6.75 inches.

Weight Considerations:

Ascertain that there’s mechanism and equipment in place for supporting the weight and movement of doors. For doing so, determine which direction you want door to open, and install necessary support equipment in that direction. Most importantly, calculate the length of track and distance between two neighboring holes on track. Typically, there’s door-to-frame overlap of 1’’ for doors 54’’ long. Saw the plank/block of woods into appropriate number of pieces according to distance between two marked wall studs. Finally, fix block to wall at the height of 2’’ from top of door.

Distance between Door and Wall:

Typically, wall and door must be placed 3/8’’ apart, but the distance between flange(standoff) and door must be 1.0125 inches for door with thickness up to 1.75 inches. Door’s weight generally should not exceed 400 lbs for traditional style hangers. Horseshoe shaped hangers can even hold doors bearing 550 lb weight. Prop and Aero styled hangers support doors as heavy as 200 pounds maximum.

Install the guide track:

Firmly clamp the door, and using router with ¼’’ cutter engrave 5/16’’ wide groove, which .05 inch deep.

Fixing the hangers:

Mostly, hangers are fixed on the outer side of door. Position the hanger at appropriate place with 2.5 inch spacer into hole of wheel; mark the positions for drilling the holes. Eventually, fix the hanger to the doors by tightening the hexagonal bolts through holes drilled on door and wall.

Mounting the track to wall:

Mark the locations of holes on the extreme left and right side on the track, place the 1.0125’’ above the door. Make sure that each hole is 3/8’’ in diameter.


Price is another important consideration that greatly determines your choice of barn door hardware. However, fine balance of style and affordability can go a long way. You’d like hammered style hangers that are not just inexpensive, but also impart a touch of antiquity to interior of your space.