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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen – Sebring Services

How-Much-Does-it-Cost-to-Remodel-a-Kitchen-GUEST_Sebring-ServicesThis article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services. They provide kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodeling services in Naperville, Illinois.

Cost is a huge issue for homeowners planning a kitchen remodel. In the last several years, home remodeling costs have been generally rising with smaller drops and rises along the way. The good news is that they are not the only thing on an upward trend. The added value to a home from a well-planned remodeling project has also been rising. If the higher costs make you think twice about giving your kitchen a new look, consider the additional value it will bring to your home.

A kitchen remodel is one of the most daunting and expensive home improvement projects but is also one of the most value adding. Prospective buyers’ first stop is the kitchen, and its appearance is often enough to seal the deal. And it is not just about the monetary value; giving new life to your kitchen somehow seems to add some new excitement and homeliness to the entire house.

But even knowing all these benefits does not stop many homeowners from wishing that a planned kitchen remodeling could be a little cheaper. One of the reasons why the kitchen is one of the most expensive spaces to renovate is because there are so many things included in the project. It is not just about the flooring and walls. You also have to think about the cabinets, the countertops, the utilities, appliances and so on. On their own, all these different aspects are already expensive enough. Therefore, even a small project involving just one thing such as countertops could end up being pricey.

This is not meant to discourage homeowners, but rather help them plan better and be creative about how they could keep costs under control. The first step is to find a good contractor who has the skills and experience to make the renovation a success. A good contractor will even help bring down costs where possible. The common advice for homeowners under a tight budget is to go for mid-range (rather than high-end) renovations that bring the most value for your money.

But even more importantly, you need to understand what factors influence the cost of a kitchen renovation. By understanding these factors, you can plan how to achieve the kind of remodeling you want while not shooting above your budget. We look at the 4 biggest cost-determinants in a kitchen renovation and discuss why they hold so much influence over your budget. We also detail what options homeowners have in these four areas, depending on their preferences and budget. You can read more of the full article: How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen.

Kitchen Renovations: The ultimate guide to help you get started



Renovating a kitchen can have a huge impact on the overall utility and resale value of your home, so once you’ve decided to get started, you should be aware of everything you’ll need consider throughout the process. It is, after all, quite a process, but it will pay off! A major kitchen reno can result in a return on investment of 61 and 70 percent, according to Remodeling magazine. You might enjoy the opportunity to get creative, but even if that’s not your kind of thing, you’ll have a new and improved kitchen once it’s all said and done. You may be wondering what you need to consider, or even where to start. This guide will give you an idea of what this rewarding process will involve.

Step One: Set Your Goals


First thing’s first: consider what you need in a kitchen, and how you want the space to work for you. It should suit your lifestyle, so think about how you use your kitchen. Think about how many people typically gather in the room, or if there are often “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Maybe you need to remove a wall to accommodate space, or maybe an addition would be more appropriate. You might be able to work with your existing kitchen footprint.

Also, it’s never too early to start thinking about visual impact. Think about what colour of cabinets you want, what backsplash would coordinate well, and what materials you want to use. There are so many options out there to explore, and inspiration can come from just about anywhere.

Step Two: Set Your Preliminary Budget


Once you’ve established what kind of layout you need, you can move on to budgeting. This will change throughout the process, since it’s next to impossible to know what everything will cost from the get-go, but it’s a good idea to come up with a preliminary budget to help you stay on track.

Step Three: Find the Pros

More often than not, you’ll find that you need a professional at some point along the kitchen reno journey to help you, whether it’s installing cabinets or counter tops, helping you set up a temporary kitchen, or setting up contracts and permits. Don’t be afraid to get multiple estimates from professionals to ensure your budget is on track. The sooner you discuss logistics with them, the better.

Step Four: Think Design

The next step involves design, which can be done with the help of a contractor or other professionals. You can give the contractor a preliminary sketch, with dimensions and your preferred layout in mind. Other details to think about include where to put light switches, mechanical and electrical drawings, or exterior elevations.

Step Five: Prepare for the Action

It will probably take a few weeks for permits to go through, but once that’s finished, you’ll have to prepare for the demo and construction. You’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere in the house if you’re not staying somewhere else during the reno. Staying organized is key if you’re staying put.

That brings us to the most important tip this guide has to offer: stay positive! There will undoubtedly be things that go wrong along the journey: a wrong shade of paint, misaligned cabinets, or gaps between hardwood floor planks. Remember, this is ultimately a rewarding experience. Return on investment is huge, and your kitchen’s utility and appearance will be better suited to your needs.

These are the Reasons why You Need Kitchen Renovation

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Kitchen becomes important area in the house because it is the place where you prepare meal to start your family. It should be a comfortable and pleasure area that can be used to spend so long time in the morning. Some people may think that kitchen is only a small part of the house and can be placed in the corner of the house with limited place because they think kitchen is not special area. Actually, kitchen is a special often used to share with family in cooking moment so it should designed to be more comfortable with special decoration to add special nuance in the kitchen.

The importance of the kitchen and how it should be function can be an attention for the owner to do some renovation to make it works perfectly. Update the design because it seems old and the decoration or furniture is getting old can be the most factors why the kitchen should be renovated. But, there are some reasons why the kitchen needs to be renovated besides of the designs. It can be from the function, the space available so it needs new furniture and design to make it works, cost efficiency and many more.

Here 5 reasons why you should get a kitchen renovation to make your kitchen work properly as it functions:

1. The available space

Some kitchen may be designed to have limited space because the owner think kitchen is a place for cook only. Then it should be renovated because you will need bigger space for your more kitchen furniture that should use to improve your performance in the kitchen when preparing meal.

2. Old fashioned kitchen design

Kitchen with old design and style may be look awkward in your house which is modern style. Then you must renovate your kitchen to make it look special and also give you comfortable feeling when spend your time in the kitchen.

3. Activity that need movement

Having small kitchen will limit your movement moreover when the design is not appropriate, you must find the difficulties there. Then you must update the design of your kitchen to make the kitchen work properly by adding space for your movement.

4. Comfortable and safety

Your kitchen should be a comfortable area for anyone who uses it especially for older people. You have to update the design where everyone can get easy access in the kitchen. If you have children, then you have to choose kitchen design that safe when the children enter the kitchen.

5. Cost Efficiency

Upgrade furniture with modern furniture which will endure and can be use for next generation could be a best choice for cost efficiency then you should not change it gradually.

After long consideration that you think and then you decide to upgrade and renovate your kitchen, then you have to choose the best kitchen designer and renovate your kitchen to be more effective. Kitchens Melbourne will offer for kitchen design service and give some kitchen styles that will be suitable for your personalities. The kitchen style will be up to date and of course the price can be very friendly. Renovate your kitchen and brig the pleasure to your kitchen with the service from kitchen design from Melbourne.