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Things to Consider Before Installing the Residential Solar System

Are you planning to install residential solar systems at your home, but don’t know from where to start? Then this article can be a great help. So, before you install the solar energy system by yourself or hire someone to install this system on your behalf, you must be aware of the important choices that you have. Besides, check all the different options and equipments that can look intimidating first. Being aware of these things will help you to master all the choices of installing solar panels so that you have a good time with the solar energy system.

Important components of a solar energy system for your residence

To get uninterrupted power supply from the solar system, it is necessary to be connected to the power grid. Now let’s have a look at the important components of a solar energy system so that you get a clear idea about what to plan for and what to purchase. In the grid system, which is also known as the grid tie, electricity gets generated by one or a few solar modules, known as photovoltaic panels or PV solar panels. Besides, there is a solar inverter that converts the direct current or DC from the solar panels into the AC or alternating current for the household. The power moves to the home breaker box from the inverter and then the power is distributed to the entire household.

Guide to choose the solar modules

Before you proceed to design the residential solar systems, there are a few important things that you must know. Some of these points include: how many photovoltaic panels can be fitted on your roof, how much energy you want to produce, how much you can afford to purchase. A complete array of things can be planned from these approaches. Learning what you can actually consume every month is the best place from where you can start. With this detail, you will be able to estimate the size array will produce this energy on a monthly basis or how much energy is possible to be produced in the available space or within the money that you have.

Things you should be aware of

Once the important details of the solar system for the household are decided, it is necessary to be aware of a few things:

  • Beware of the free deals. In the majority of the cases, the inverters and solar panels are set up, but not connected to the main electricity grid

  • Make a comparative study of all the system components available in the market